New York, New York it’s a helluva town and geez its more talk about that Blackberry

November 2, 2007

Yes boys and girls I am looking forward to spending some more of my time in New York City starting in 2 weeks time when I fly out on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate with friends in New York City and then on the Saturday night we have a big bash which we have been planning for a few weeks now where I have been asked to DJ so I am looking forward to that as DJ’ing is a part time hobby that I love doing.

Anyway my recent posts on the Blackberry Curve seem to be creating quite a steer with many people emailing or blogs picking up that “Palm’s Biggest Fan boy considering jumping ship” as one title put it. It’s far from the truth and I have yet to decide on what I envisage doing. The Blackberry Curve is impressive for sure but there are so many programs that I would miss and I kinda like my Treo. Maybe the fact that I technology wise despite what people may think in my role as webmaster for PalmAddict, I guess people think that I try every single Palm device or Windows Mobile device and yes we do get to play with a great number of toys and to be honest they are great but nothing touches the functionality of my 680. Despite that this Blackberry Curve that I have is the closest to offering me everything what my Treo is and more but I am not going to repeat what I have already mentioned previously and I am not going to be rushed into making some sort of a decision, there is 8 years of Palm experience to consider.


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