Google SketchUp looks quite cool

August 22, 2007

Google SketchUp looks quite cool “Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create, modify and share 3D models. It’s easier to learn than other 3D modeling programs, which is why so many people are already using it. We designed SketchUp’s simplified toolset, guided drawing system and clean look-and-feel to help you concentrate on two things: getting your work done as efficiently as possible, and having fun while you’re doing it. You can choose from two versions of our software. Google SketchUp is free for anyone, and allows you to build, view and edit 3D models. Google SketchUp Pro adds the ability to share your data with other software, get email technical support, and create professional presentations—both print and digital—from your models.”


One comment

  1. It’s a killer program. One of the most unique 3D drawing programs I’ve ever used. It made me wonder why I never thought of something like Sketchup.

    Basically it’s targeted toward illustrations, where as most previous 3D design programs were rooted in CAD, so they are more oriented toward technical design. Sketchup ditches a lot of the precision-oriented measurement and documentation tools in favor of a very easy to use and lightning fast interface. You can draw buildings and objects with great detail in minutes and much more easily than any program I have used before.

    Oh yeah… it’s also free. But there is also a professional version which is pay ware. Highly recommended.

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