My Memories of the Hacienda

August 19, 2007

So yesterday I went to the Hacienda event at the Urbus in Manchester. Now for those of you who have no idea what the Hacienda was, well it was a nightclub spearheaded by the management of Factory Records and to say it was a legendary night club is an understatement. Yes it had drugs, shootings even but it was my early youth. I remember sneaking in when I was 15 through the friends of someone who knew someone and it opened my eyes, not just to music but to life. No other nightclub has matched in my eyes, clubs in New York, yep come close and I am not talking about your mainstream clubs but mostly the underground ones. The Hacienda closed in the mid 90’s and in a way I am glad it did because today it would be just be a cheap tourist attraction. The Hacienda was the club that holds very happy memories for me for a number of reasons and I am glad that I have a number of souvenirs of it’s existence. I may have only been 15 at the time I paid my first visit but I grew up in that club. Anyway below are some pictures taken from the Hacienda 25 exhibition, in celebrating 25 years of the Hacienda which was set up jointly by Tony Wilson who died last week and whom his funeral will be Monday in Central Manchester. Enjoy the pictures below.



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