Anyone fancy writing in the rain?

August 14, 2007

Anyone for all weather notebooks, yep notebooks that you can write in all weathers, cool if outdoors is your thing. “Rite-in-the-Rain is a unique all-weather writing paper created to shed water and enhance the written image. It is widely used throughout the world for recording critical field data in all kinds of weather. For best results, use a pencil or an all-weather pen. A supremely pocketable writing pad, with plenty of room for field notes, navigation notes, journal entries, etc. Best of all, the pad is flexible and small so it virtually disappears into a shirt or pants pocket, without causing discomfort or noticeable added weight in your garments. Being accessible is an important feature, because it means that you’ll use the pad more!”


One comment

  1. Sammy,

    I have been using these notebooks for a couple of years when I go out and conduct surveys on ships and marine casualties. They would best with a pencil and are extremely valuable for those of us who work out in all types of environments. I carry the small version in my back pocket at all times while on a ship. Cool to see it on your blog.

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