More thoughts on the HTC Shift

August 13, 2007

So yesterday I was talking about the specs for the HTC Shift and geez the more I look at it the more I think I want, it offers me the most excellent portability and I think this is going to keep me pretty productive.Key Features on this device include:7-inch widescreen display30-gigabyte hard driveQWERTY keyboardMicrosoft Vista Business OSWindows Media Player 11Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPAQuad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGEWiFi and Bluetooth 2.0This is going to be brilliant for when I am mobile. I love my Macbook and I will continue to use it but when I am mobile,. travel to New York, want to do videocasts from remote places like up at the tiop of the Empire State Building or something like that then is going to come in handy. The fact that it allows me to toggle between Vista and Windows Mobile is just awesome and if you use it on Windows Mobile you’ll have over 8 hours battery life. You see the Palm Foleo looks like beinga great little poertable computer but it has no camera etc and I don’t think it’s going to be any match for the Shift, not that I am not excited about the Foleo it’s just that from a productive point of view I think the Shift will offer me what I want and I’ll still be able to sync my Treo 680 with the Shift which is my cellphone so that will be a good thing. Anyway more thoughts on the coming month’s because this baby is not even on the shelves yet.


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