Friends are like family

August 10, 2007

I have been watching the series of Brothers & Sister and in a way I can relate to it, I have an oder brother, a year older and he has always been very supportive of me and vice versa. The storyline has brought up stories that in a way I can relate to, obviously I am not going to go into too much detail needless to say it makes you realise that family are the best thing we have,. Not every family gets on, some do and then again some don’t but I am very supportive of mine. I am also very lucky to have great friends who have been with me through the good and the bad. My friends are indeed like my extended family I care for them very much. In fact we always end up going away together on holiday or chilling at each other’s apartments or indeed them come to my crib. Some of my friends even work for me and that in-itself normally would be challenging but I am blessed with great friends who n=know how I work and are there to support.

In my travels to New York over the last ten or so years I have also built up some great friends. Rich is probably my best friend and he is based in the city, and we have gotten to be great friends over the years. It’s times like September 11th that you wished you could have just jumped onto a plane and flew across to the States but of course the travel infrastructure was closed down and in those times when you cannot reach the people that you care for then you naturally worry, as I did those 6 years ago. Thankfully I did not lose any friends to the tragedy but it did make me realise one something. It must be devastating to lose your family in a incident like that and of course it is, but lets give thought to the friends that are lost and as I mentioned friends are like family, well they are to me and I would hate to lose any of my friends.


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