What’s caught my attention this afternoon:

August 7, 2007

>Team finds largest exoplanet yet. An international team of astronomers has discovered the largest known planet orbiting another star. The “transiting” planet – meaning one that passes in front of its parent star as seen from Earth – is about 70% larger than Jupiter. But the new body has a much lower mass than Jupiter – the biggest planet in our Solar System – making it of extremely low density.
>Life On The West Coast Videocast by Ben Patrick Johnson
>A total of 218 people have taken their kit off for celebrated Czech photographer Jan Saudek in the village of Krelov.
> The Hudson River Park Webcam is pretty cool
> Ugly Betty Second Series in filming at the moment from what I believe. I cannot remember where I read this but Victoria Beckham is rumored to be making a cameo.


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