Thoughts from Starbucks

August 7, 2007

Speaking of giving free advertising to Starbucks, the one near my office is like a home from home for me. I sit here at the moment typing this on my Treo and I look around and I see someone on what seems to be a Vodafone Treo 750. A Mac user in the corner and a Nokia user. People come here to chill, catch up on email and of course text. I come here to catch up on email, get some time to myself to do my diary and get away from the everyday distractions of the office. I sit here with my Treo 680 typing this [at a good speed] with my thumbs observing, people are talking, the smell of coffee is arousing and I think people do what I do, they just like to get away from the office. Jazz music is playing and it’s a nice atmosphere and I can see why Starbucks is popular. I’m lucky because not all the Starbucks that I have visited are as homely as this one, I have my favourites here and in New York City, Greenwich Village is one of those but here I can just lounge with my Treo and catch up with the email, spend all the time as I want [providing I am buying :-)] chatting on Toccer to friends and even instant message the office. So yes some people are quite negative to places like Starbucks but me personally I enjoy, my only gripe would be to provide free Wifi but you can’t have everything. I hope your Tuesday is going well. [posted using my Treo 680]


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