7,000 life-size clay people

August 7, 2007

Imagine being in a room and seeing this, 7,000 life-size clay people just staring back at you. The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army will open at the British Museum, London, UK on September 13.

“Mr Yang sits contentedly puffing his pipe and recalling the moment he made archaeological history. “It was back in ’74. We were digging a well, when suddenly I hit something solid,” the 70-year-old farmer said. That “something ” was a huge, almost perfectly preserved, Terracotta Warrior. It was the first glimpse of an ancient treasure trove that turned out to be the most spectacular find of the 20th century. This was an entire army of pottery warriors buried 200 years before the birth of Christ. It was built to guard the tomb of Qin Shihuang – the first emperor of China to ensure that even in the afterlife he would continue to rule with an iron grip. The detail of the figures is astounding. Each warrior has its own individual facial expression, weapons and armour.” [SKY News]


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