Monday Morning and the sun is out

August 6, 2007

So it’s 10:47am I have just rolled into the office it’s a lovely day outside and I am wondewring why cannot I not jusy work outside today. I am quite lucky in the sense that I am my own boss and can come and go when I lease but I need to be in the office today. In three weeks I am off to New York with Caz for a week. Then in September I am staying for a few weeks in Sitges in the place that I have just bought down there before returning to New York in October so as you can see my travel plans are pretty busy to say the least at the moment. Anyway Summer is here thank goodness. The weather here has been absolutely pants, it’s rained non stop, so as soon as we get some Summer everyone makes a big thing of it and heads to the beaches like I did yesterday. And then today we are all back in work, the sun is out, and nobody wants to be in the office we all want to be in the sun. I feel a afternoon off in hand :-)Oh, by the way I use Sambo to channel my personal thoughts rather than posting them on my other sites so my thoughts may be varied and talk will cover many different topics.


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