Monday afternoon thoughts

August 6, 2007

sup everyone, today Monday turns into being one busy day. Anyway thanks to Kris for the nice words about my Sambo blog, Alison emailed me about my gadget bag and I have to say that I purchased from H&M in New York. Tim emailed me about the material, not sure Liam I think it’s cotton with leather trimmings and it washes fine in the washing machine.

>Good to see The Bourne Ultimatum top the American Movie charts, I’m looking forward to seeing this, I have been a big fan of the Bourne series and from what I hear this is probably the best.

>Anyway tonight I think I will get to play with my new OQO02. I want to do a PalmAddict Videocast on it sometime this week so look out for it. Not sure if I can get used to using a fully fledged computer which is so small. Thoughts later this week.

>Again everyone is getting excited as the iPhone is getting ‘unlocked’ in a fashion. This according the Gizmodo website. “While the wizards are still working on a software-only complete unlock for the iPhone, hackers in Europe claim that they have completely unlocked the JesusPhone, allegedly using a SIM reader/writer and a blank SIM card to obtain full calling and SMS capabilities. Total cost: $96. Read on for the details.” Will I try it? Mmmm not sure my friends, we will see.


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