Here comes The Sheilas’ thanks to Pete Waterman

August 4, 2007

Oh Gawd! Those in the UK will probably hate the Shelia Wheels commercials, but if that is not bad enough the Sheila’s Wheel girls aka The Sheila’s are launching a pop career represented by Pete Waterman Limited [PWL]. “Following on from their appearances in the hugely successful ‘Sheila’s Wheels’ ad campaigns, new pop act ‘The Sheilas’ are busy preparing themselves for the release of their debut single ‘(I’m So) Happy Happy (You’re Mine)’ This brand new track sees Mike Stock back at his song-writing best and everyone here at PWL is really excited about this project! We honestly can’t wait for you all to hear this unforgettable song in full and we just know that you will be humming the chorus for months to come! The dresses have been packed, the dance routines have been practised and a whole host of personal appearances have been arranged to ensure that everyone up and down the country will have an opportunity to see the girls perform this fabulous song live on stage and have a chance to practise the already-legendary Happy Happy dance with them! ” I am making no comments to this news! [PWL]


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