Why Music is important to me

July 31, 2007

Music is very important to me, let me digress. My Palm Treo contains about a 100 of my favourite tunes whilst the iPhone stores about 50% of my music and I rotate it on a frequent basis. Wherever I am music is the ingredient that I take with me, iot sets the mood and from time to time you will find me DJ-ing for one of my friends parties in either Manchester or New York depending on what the party is. I need my music with me when I go to the gym where I’ll take my Treo with me.

I can take calls and of course listen to tracks that help me exercise. When your doing a five mile run you need music especially if your running either early morning before work when it’s pretty dark and miserable and you need that boost.The Treo is ideal for my music because it doesn’t start jumping and the software that I use, Pocket Tunes is easy to use. I can just navigate through my music. If I am on a flight or a longer trip my iPod / iPhone is going to do it for me. But if I am just going into town or the Gym why do I need to carry two devices when my Treo can easily play music and lets not forget using Kinoma Player it also gets to play my YT Video’s with ease, again great for the treadmill. Give me my Treo headphones, some good music and my own company then I am happy. Syncing is a breeze I just use Missing Sync, I just set up a playlist and I am good to go, music sync’d and my Treo is just a ready to go and I am happy. I think music is important to getting your mood set up for the day.

Pocket Tunes – http://www.pocket-tunes.com/
Missing Sync – http://www.markspace.com/


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