Love for gadgets

July 22, 2007

I sit here on a Sunday morning, earl grey tea in one hand typing on my Treo 680 in the other thinking to myself how did I get into gadgets and why am I am so facinated by them. I have been interested in gadets for at least 14 years or so. In fact I was probably about 14 when I first got interested in PDA’s it was back in my Psion days when I first set eyes on Psions clamshell devices and since then I’ve always wanted the best PDA or smartphone that I possibly could buy.I’m now using two devices, a Treo 680 and a iPhone because I believe for my requirements they are the best devices that fit into my life perfectly well. The iPhone reminds me of the old palm days when there was so much excitement when new programs were launched on a daily basis and applications developed were useful and would push the barriers of the Palm device and I think that’s what we are going to see with the iPhone especially now that someone has delved into the programming interior of the iPhone into the iPhone.On the other hand my cellphone, a Treo 680 is a beast of a phone. Its not just a cellphone but also a great PDA. I always have admired the Palm platform it has some fantastic programs and if I have to be honest one of the reasons I have never migrated away from Palm OS is because the platform allows me to do everything that I need. There are just hundreds of programs offered to me from finance applications to games and so much more. So there has never been a need for me to sway to another platform because the Palm OS offers me everything.Yes I’m eagerly awaiting to see the Linux variations from both Access and Palm to see what they offer the consumer and I look forward to the Foleo which for me as a mobile traveller this device is going to be ideal for the likes of me and will hopefully mean that I’m not going to need to carry my laptop everywhere because the Foleo is light weight and small plus to be honest it still reminds me of the Psion netbook, but to be fair I look forward to using it, especially as the keyboard looks a joy to use too. So obviously there are a lot of doom and gloom stories about Palm at the moment and yes perfectly justified and so I can understand why. Palm need to appraise themselves and discover what they need to do to get back into the fold. But at the same time I do think that mobile technology fans like myself have some exciting times ahead with the Foleo, new Treo devices forthcoming and new variations of Palm OS. Plus im looling forward to seeing how tge iPhone will evolve. Ok these may not be the Palm glory years of long gone but all is not lost and I’m still going to be a champion of Palm until the bitter end.


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  1. I am complete agreement with ya Sammy. I am so looking forward to the Foleo… It will improve my productivity so much!

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