Wally’s words

May 15, 2007

I always enjoy Wally’s words when he writes me. “you will never guess what woke me up this morning … a big red headed woodpecker … he was drilling a hole in the side of the house trying to get the eggs the honey bees hide there … ain’t nature grand … chased him and in a few minutes he came … this time i added hell to get out of here … he must be religious cause the swearing did the job and he has not returned … so far … they are so beautiful and so destructive and…. noisy … i continually remind myself that we are intruders into their world … they were here first … but i am here now and they better be careful …. now the bear that is wandering around with her three cubs … i do not holler at her i have a wedding to perform in charleston sc this saturday and we are going on wednesday to spend some time there … it is historic and beautiful … i baptized the bride when she was born”


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